28 Nov - 1 Dec | Port Macquarie NSW Australia

CALL FOR workshop proposals

Workshops Chairs: Dr Syed Afaq Shah, Dr Muhammed Awrangjeb, A/Prof Lihong Zheng

Chair Emails: afaq.shah@ecu.edu.au; m.awrangjeb@griffith.edu.au; lzheng@csu.edu.au

Proposal Submission Deadline: 25th June 2023, 1159PM

Notification by: 25th July 2023

We are inviting proposals for workshops to be held together with the Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA) 2023 conference. The workshops will be conducted on November 27, 2023 at the same location as the main conference in Port Macquarie and will also have an online component. The goal of these workshops is to provide a comprehensive platform for exploring topics that may not be fully covered in the main conference, and to facilitate in-depth discussions on technical, application, and community-related issues.


If you intend to peer-review and publish accepted papers in conjunction with DICTA 2023, please note the following dates (all times in AEST):

Workshop Proposal Submission: 25th June 2023, 1159PM

DICTA2023 workshop organisers notification:  25th July 2023

Last day for workshop camera-ready submission:  30th September 2023

Last day for finalized workshop program: TBC


Please submit your proposals as a PDF through email (provided above) by June 25, 2023, at 11:59PM AEST. Your proposal should include the following details:


  1. Workshop title:
  2. Topics that will be covered in the workshop:
  3. Broader impact statement: Describe why the workshop is relevant to the community and how relevant the topics or discussions are beyond the DICTA audience.
  4. Relationship to previous workshops: Describe how this proposal relates to previous workshops held at DICTA. in the last three years.


  1. List of organisers: Make sure that all organizers are listed as authors of the workshop proposal submission.
  2. Primary organiser responsible for liaising with the workshop chairs:
  3. Organising team’s experience and background: Provide information that supports the organisers’ ability to run a workshop, and appropriateness to a workshop on this topic, including brief bios for the main organizers.
  4. List of invited speakers: Only list speakers that have confirmed or tentatively confirmed their attendance and are willing to deliver a virtual talk if necessary. For each speaker, (a) indicate if confirmation is tentative or final, (b) provide a link to their homepage, and (c) explain their relevance to the workshop. It is recommended to find invited speakers who will not give the same talk at multiple workshops, to avoid potential merging of workshops.


  1. Format: DICTA 2023 will be in-person, but workshops can be in-person, mixed in-person and virtual, or fully virtual. Organizers should specify their intended format and describe how they will support virtual attendance or the workshop format if applicable.
  2. Expected number of workshop paper submissions:
  3. For paper submissions: (a) Tentative program committee, (b) Paper review timeline, (c) Will these papers be published in proceedings? Note that paper submissions must adhere to the DICTA 2023 paper submission style, format, and length restrictions.
  4. Expected workshop size: Small (< 50 attendees), Medium (50-100 attendees), Large (>100 attendees)
  5. Request for full-day workshop (optional): All workshops will be half-day by default; provide a short justification if a full-day event is necessary.
  6. Schedule: Provide a preliminary schedule for your workshop.
  7. If in-person posters are included, how many are expected?
  8. Special space or equipment requests, if any.

Proposals that do not comply with the guidelines will be desk rejected.


  • The DICTA 2023 organizers will collect workshop registrations, provide facilities, and distribute electronic copies of the workshop proceedings.
  • Workshops will be required to prepare their own websites, separate from the DICTA 2023 webpage. These pages will include workshop details, organizers, dates, submission instructions, and, once finalized, the workshop program.
  • Workshop organizers are expected to respond in a timely manner to requests from the DICTA 2023 organizers (e.g., by providing the workshop program to be included in the main distribution materials).
  • Workshop organizers should appoint a “primary organizer” who will serve as the main point of contact between the workshop chairs and the workshop organizers.

Important Dates:

Workshop Proposal Submission: 25th June 2023, 1159PM

DICTA2023 workshop organisers notification:  25th July 2023

Last day for workshop camera-ready submission:  30th September 2023